Anna’s care

I’m think I’m just about set up for hospital and surgery for my thyroid cancer on Tuesday. My biggest challenge has been putting a 24 hr care plan for Anna. Because she has such limited muscle strength, she needs help with every aspect of her life through both the day and night. Her dad and I don’t live together any more and he is unwilling to help in any way so I’ve had to ask social work for more help. Anna already has a care package for support 2 evenings and 2 nights per week but I’ll be in hospital for up to 3 days and then unable to lift for at least 2 weeks so have assumed initially I’ll need full time (day and night) help for 2 weeks.

It turns out to be unbelievably difficult to find agencies that can provide staff to help. After several days of searching, Anna’s social worker said that he had run out of possibilities for at home support and he would need to start looking at residential care. The last thing Anna needs when she knows her mum is going into hospital for treatment for cancer is to be removed from her family home and sent far away to be with strangers whose age and needs may be very different from hers.

Luckily we live in an amazing community where friends and family will do anything they can to help. Anna’s personal assistants, past and present, have been willing to do many extra hours, despite having their own family commitments. My mum is coming to stay and look after me as I recuperate and recover and friends and family have put together a rota to make sure there is someone available to help in the house over and above care package /visit or pick me up from hospital/make sure Nathan gets to and from his activities etc…I’m hugely grateful to everyone who is helping in any way.

Leaving your family in the care of others is hugely difficult but I have absolutely no choice. I have to deal with my cancer and recover. There is no other option.



8 thoughts on “Anna’s care

  1. Dear Ann-Marie

    We are all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery. Life can be very testing, unfair indeed. You and your family are in good hands.
    Anne, David, Charlotte and Louise


  2. Well done for sorting out all the arrangements. Wishing you all the luck in the world for your operation and will be praying for a speedy recovery xxx


  3. Thinking of you AnnMarie and sending lots of love and hugs. You are a truly inspirational lady and will get through this. Xxxxxxxx


  4. You’ve done an amazing job getting everything set up for hospital. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, and that you are home and healthy very very quickly. xx


  5. As always AM your determination and strength is like no others. Well done as I appreciate this period will be so difficult in what are already difficult circumstances. I hope it all goes well tomorrow. Sending love as always xxx


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